Our wedding party

Kelly 's attendants
  • Kristina Burke, Maid Of Honor
    Bride's Sister
    If you ask anyone that knows Kelly & Kristina, they will tell you that they are as similar as night and day. Even though we may bicker or kick each other, we would do anything for one another. I have always admired Kristina's confidence and resilience to anything thrown at her. I can tell her anything that's on my mind, and she knows more random facts about me than most people. It may not always seem like it, but I truly appreciate Kristina and I wouldn't be the same person without her as a sister. I am very excited to have her by my side doing whatever I tell her to do on my Wedding Day.
  • Katie Korman, Bridesmaid
    Cousin of the Bride
    Growing up, Kelly was always looking forward to visiting her older cousin Katie in Indiana. For some reason, Kelly thought Katie was so cool. Looking back, I don't know what I was thinking. Katie always forced me to get her a Pepsi and take the blame for anything she did wrong. We always used to play American Gladiator and Ghost in the Graveyard, and she always forced me be the worst gladiator and hide in the dark by myself. The funny thing is I still find myself going out of my way to get her something she wants, but these days instead of a Pepsi it is usually a cranberry vodka.
  • Amie Gallagher, Bridesmaid
    Cousin of the Bride
    When Amie was little, she used to see pictures of me as a kid and think it was herself; we looked that much alike when we were young. Amie has always been adventurous, easy going, and a free spirit. She is especially adventurous with her clothing choices like wearing overalls and ugly Christmas sweaters to school for no reason. Amie's also the biggest pet lover I know, and if I ever had a pet(which I won't) she would definitely be my pet-sitter. At one time, she had three dogs, a turtle, fish, guinea pigs, a rabbit, and chinchillas.
  • Alyssa Burke, Bridesmaid
    Cousin of the Bride
    Being the youngest cousin in the family can have its advantages. Alyssa wasn't picked on by the older cousins or the adults as much as the rest of us. Even if she is, I know she can take it. Not only is Alyssa smart and athletic, she has a fierce (don't mess with me type of attitude) which I respect. She can be confident and thick skinned but at the same time be kind and polite. Alyssa considers herself to be the spoons champion at the Burke Christmas, but Donnie proved to be the real champion this year. I never should have allowed him to join our tradition.
  • Mara Kuzanek (Spagnoli), Bridesmaid
    I have been friends with Mara since 8th grade. Even though we may have lost touch with other friends through the years, we have always managed to stay close. She is the kindest person I have ever met and not too bad of a basketball player. Mara would do absolutely anything for her family and friends without thinking twice. I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid in her wedding this past summer; the best part was jamming out to Call Me Maybe 5-6 times throughout the day. I hope she has as much fun at our wedding as we did at hers.
  • Cydnee Serdiuk, Bridesmaid
    Friend of the Bride and College Roommate
    Kelly lived with Cyd junior year of college in their sorority house. The room was about the size of a walk-in closet, so they definitely got uncomfortably close at times. Cyd isn't the cleanest person in the world, but she never minded when someone cleaned up after her so it all worked out! The one thing I have most admired about her is her ability to see the best in people and always be non-judgmental. I can always call Cyd if I want to hang out at home, watch a movie, and have a couple drinks. She takes full advantage of our spare room.
  • Claire Selin, Bridesmaid
    Friend of the Bride and College Roommate
    Claire introduced me to my obsession with red wine, TOMS, and Sperry's. Sometimes I don't know if I should thank her or blame her. I think the most admirable trait of Claire's is her determination. She was the hardest working student I knew. She was able to get the GPA to be accepted into one of the top Speech Pathology grad school programs in the country while also sitting on the executive board of our sorority and still finding to sit on the couch, drink wine, and talk with her friends late at night. She is a great person to go to for advice and motivation.
  • Meg Kalenowski, Flower Girl
    I could not be happier to have Meg as a goddaughter and cousin. She is fearless and confident, but my favorite thing about her is her excitement with everything she does. She wants to show everyone who is willing to watch her all of her dance routines including the costume changes. She definitely has a competitive side when it comes to games just like her Dad and Grandpa Kalenowski. This is specially true with Wii Bowling, but her face lights up and she cheers loudly when someone else gets a strike too.
Donnie's attendants
  • Chris Lukasik, Best Man
    Cousin of the Groom.
    Chris and Donnie have been close for most of their lives. Although cousins, they act more like brothers. Whenever together, they are usually laughing even though they may be the only ones who think they're funny. True of False? Ah... nevermind.
    To this day, Donnie's only trip to the Emergency Room is thanks to Chris. (I still say I won the fight)
  • Matt Solomon, Groomsman
    Matt and Donnie have been best buds for quite some time. When they were younger, you would have thought that Donnie's last name was Solomon by the amount of time he spent at their house.
    Matt enjoys golfing, snowboarding, and cooking. He may even like long walks on the beach (or corn fields, just ask him). I've always thought of Matt as a brother more that a friend. He's always there when you need him.
  • Matt Boldyga, Groomsman
    Let's hope that Matt can attend the wedding, as his social calendar is usually pretty packed. Typically, he has to be booked several weeks in advance, so he SHOULD be able to make the wedding in September. Matt and Donnie have been friends since grade school. Most of their time together was spent playing and/or watching sports. Although Donnie is better at sports than Matt, they've been able to maintain a strong friendship.
  • Dave Schuber, Groomsman
    Oh Davey... Dave and Donnie have been friends since grade school. At first, I was just friends with Dave as a means to reach his good looking older sister. After that fell through, I figured I would keep him around.
    Dave has always been a great friend, one of those friends that would give you the shirt off his back. We spent several years playing baseball together. Now were washed up old men who play golf. Actually, its more like drinking and swinging clubs than it is golfing. Dave introduced me to Jimmy Buffett concerts, and I will always thank him for that.
  • Mike Salerno, Groomsman
    When he's not kicking footballs, he's spinning beats... When he's not spinning beats, he's talking about kicking footballs and spinning beats... Gotta love the kid!
    Mike is another one of Donnie's great friends. He is one of those guys that you call when you want to go out, have a good time, and make questionable decisions. He never lacks enthusiasm and energy. He gives 100% in everything that he does, and I've always respected him for that. Even if it is towards spinning beats...
  • Jeff Morowczynski, Groomsman
    Some of my best childhood memories took place at Jeff's house. All the guys would pile into Jeff's basement and play video games until the sun rose. Going to his house was one of those traditional things that we tried to keep going for as long as possible. Of course, there were always Mrs. Morowczynski's famous Chocolate Chip cookies, which we still beg for to this day. Jeff, being the sports enthusiast that he is, is always my go to guy for up to date sports information (especially baseball). He will never let me forget about the time he told me Chase Utley would be an all-star before anyone else even knew his name. He was right.
  • Eric Seper, Groomsman
    A true gentleman. Eric is one of the most sincere people I know. He's one of those guys that you can never be mad at because he's such a good dude. I've always thought of Eric as being as cool as a cucumber. And, once in a while he'll throw in an unexpected jab that will have you rolling. He's always been a professional in everything that he does. Sometimes I catch myself thinking... WWED, What Would Eric Do?
  • Jenna Neakarse, Flower Girl
    Jenna has been a bright light in my life since day 1. Being a 21 year old with a newborn sister was scary, but it's been nothing but fun. She is the cutest and smartest 4 year old that I've ever been around. It's not too often that you're around Jenna when she doesn't either amaze you with her intelligence or make you laugh from her imagination. I can't imagine what my life would be like without her. She may be more excited about this wedding than Kelly and I.
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